The Hydrobalance Filter

The Hydrobalance Filter: The leading filter system for the highest water quality

The Hydrobalance Filter system offers significant advantages, which we have outlined for you in a brief summary.

The Hydrobalance Filter System

Using natural phenomena the filter system achieves maximum efficiency with a minimum of energy. Thanks to its compact construction the filter system can also be easily installed in unusual pond designs. The filter does not need any light and therefore can be installed in shaded areas (for example at great depths such as underground wells and similar).
The Hydrobalance Filter stimulates the natural purification process of the water without chemicals or other pollutants. Thanks to the Hydrobalance Filters you are guaranteed crystal-clear water and optimal hygienic conditions. Since starting to use this kind of technique in 1998 no Hydrobalance Filter system has worn out and needed to be exchanged.

Hydrobalance: With vast experience and a keen eye for the natural phenomena in your own pond waters.