More detailed information regarding the Hydrobalance 3D-Matrixfilter

This filter is the latest in the development of the Hydrobalance filtersystem and there sult of 25 years experience and knowledge of building natural pools. In a three-dimensional grid, lots of filter flakes are installed which are soaked in and travel around the water. A highly active dirt blanket is developped on every flake, and both the mineralization of organic substances, and the storage of nutrients, is faster and more efficient than with the conventional Hydrobalance filtersystem. Removing the bio film is also considerably more easy due toit’s thin layer.
The Hydrobalance 3D-matrixfilter includes plastic tanks, an automatically drainable Skimmer and an installed pump shaft ready to connect. This filter is especially suitable for there habilitation and / or conversion of older poolsystems, because the Hydrobalance 3D-matrixfilter can easily be fitted in existings hafts or compensating basins.
The 3D-matrix filter is always installed reversibly and with easy accessibility. It can be exchanged and replaced without any problem if required.

As well as this, the filter has already been awarded with the Innovation Price of Vienna and has been tested at The Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences on it’s potential use for remediation of natural waters and for the cleaning of industrial waste waters.