Our 3D matrix filter is the leading remediationfilter system

In the area of waterremediation our 3D matrix filter is the real specialist. We have summarised it’s advantages here:

The Hydrobalance 3D-Matrixfilter

  • This filter is the latest in the development of the Hydrobalance Filtersystem and there sult of 25 years experience and knowledge of building natural pools.
  • Due to the thin layer it is considerably easier to take off the bio film.
  • This is particulary suitable for the rehabilitation and / or conversion of older pool systems.
  • This filtersystem has already been awarded with the Innovation Price of Vienna and is currently being tested at The Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences on it’s potential use for remediation of natural waters and for the cleaning of industrial waste waters.
  • The Hydrobalance 3D-Matrixfilter combines closen esstonature, excellent performance and outstanding waterquality.

Hydrobalance: Water environments require thorough care, just like every living organism . This is where the Hydrobalance filter systems start. They work on pollutions prophylacticly and produce a sustainable resulton clean and hygienically clear water.