Large and industrial plants

Large plants

Hydrobalance is a benefit for all kind of waters – whether small or extensive

The Hydrobalance systems supports all kinds of development. From the small plant up to the thousands square meter pond area: Both the classic Hydrobalance Filter and the Hydrobalance 3D filter are suitable for large plants of all kinds. You will find a good example at the plant which we were building for the Emir of Qatarin 2012 (total size amounts to about 6800 square meters).

Hydrobalance: from the small pond up to the giant industrial plant – the quality is always the same. You can rely on that.

Industrial plants

In the industrial sector systems the water must also be filtered to the high standards

The filtersystems of Hydrobalance are a valuable benefit, and not just for an individual‘s requirements. They can also be used in industrial plants for cleaning water and provide larger scale efficiencies and savings.

You want to learn more? Simply contact your Hydrobalance specialist who can advise you on what available options we have to help you to start using our filters.

More details

Hydrobalance is working with national and international Partners very successful since years. Please check the list of our partners for more details. You can also have a look at our picture gallery to see our successful projects.

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