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Introducing the Hydro Balance Team And Our Aims

Roland Graf and Franz Kubacek of Hydrobalance are your specialist contacts, who will make effort effort to help you find the best possible way to fulfill your own requirements. Here is a short summary of the acquired empirical values of both Hydrobalance partners. You can also benefit from the first-class service and the technical know-how of Hydrobalance, by contacting us with any question. Our service is clear and transparent - just like the typical Hydrobalance waters.

Roland Graf

Roland Graf has been an inventor for more than 40 years and has more than 400 patents mainly in the area of the biological filters, in the field of aquatics but also solar, and photovoltaic technology.
His invention of a "frameless aquarium" has started a world wide Triumpal march which has not ended so far. He discovered stone wool as a brilliant medium for biological filters in 1997, inspired by his friend Peter.
After the success in huge aquaria (like the one in the Natural History Museum in Vienna) he works with various partners to establish the filter systems, including their use in the natural pond making sector.With the collaboration of Ing. Franz Kubacek, who has a vast knowledge regarding pond building, they achieved high-quality swimming ponds and founded the brand of Hydrobalance in 2001.

Franz Kubacek

Engineer Franz Kubacek founded a gardening and landscaping business in 1988 and worked from the very beginning with the then new area of „pond building“. Building upon many attempts, co-operation with colleagues and a constant urge forfurther development in the area of biological filters, the first pond filter system based onforced flow through zeolite, came into existence. This has had long-term success within this market, and which forms the basis for many further systems.
In co-operation with Roland Graf the Hydrobalancefilter hasfurtherimproved, enablinggreaterchoicesforponddesigns. The superior water quality of the ponds motivates both to found a partner system.

Network, prospects and ideals

Currently about 250 pond builders in 15 countries and on three continents use the hydobalance filter system for their natural pools, pond and ornamental fish plants.
At present Roland Graf works on the optimization of the new Hydrobalance-3D-Matrixfilter, which will also beused in the future for the purification of industrial waste water, and for the remediation of natural waters (streams, rivers, lakes).
As Chairman of the Association of Austrian Natural Pools Ing. Franz Kubacek was involved in the development of L1126 and L1128, the new Austrian Standards for swimming ponds and natural pools, (which became effective in May 2013), as well as new guidelines for swimming ponds and natural pools in Germany, and demontrates by active co-operation with this kind of Associations his worldwide conviction to further improve the quality of swimming ponds and natural pools.


Always in harmony with nature. Please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to give you detailed advice in accordance with your personal requirements.

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Hydrobalance is working with national and international Partners very successful since years. Please check the list of our partners for more details. You can also have a look at our picture gallery to see our successful projects.

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