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Hydrobalance - Natural Pools

Hydrobalance: Crystal Clear Water based on Nature´s System!

For us at Hydrobalance this is not only a catchword but is our core principle, founded on years of experience.

We observed nature closely, detected the processes behind it and optimized them for our own, and now for your Natural Pools. Using special materials, well thought-out but minimal technology and the sustainable use of natural components, the Hydrobalance Filter Systems offers you many “crystal clear” benefits:

  • They produce water which is healthy and crystal clear by using gentle andenergy saving biological cleaning processes, without the use of disinfectants, inhibitors and algaecides.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of our systems there is a lot of options to cater for your own individual requirements.
  • Thanks to the manyfold possibilities of installation, the Hydrobalance Filters can be fitted in narrow spaces as well.
  • Our filter systems generally need very little maintenance and are extremely long-lasting. Since starting to use this kind of technique in 1998 no Hydro Balance filter system has worn out and needed to be exchanged.

Please read more about our company, our filter systems, and areas of expertise. We are happy for you to contact us about any queries you may have.

Whether you thinking of a private installation of a new pond (bathing pond, fish pond or similar), improving your existing pond, or you require further information as a potential Hydro Balance partner, our expert team would be delighted to advise you without any obligation.

Hydrobalance: Using the power of nature to guarantee your complete satisfaction!

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