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Hydrobalance - Natural Pools

Areas of application – Hydrobalance: Here we start functioning for you!

Our filter systems are usable for following areas and waters types:

  • For all kinds of nature pool
    (natural or designed by an architect)
  • For any size from the mini acquatics pond up to extensive facilities of several thousand square meters
  • In all climatic zones
    (from Denmark to Qatar and furthermore)
  • Can also be used in heated waters
  • For small bathing ponds
    (municipalities, hotels or camping sites), and comply with regulations on Hygiene at Swimming Pools and Bathing Waters in Austria.
  • All kind of Fish Ponds: Including koi fish and other kinds of ornamental fish
  • Fountains, wells, tanks and similar
  • For all kind of nature-related waters, where desinfection and/or chemical treatment is not possible.
  • Biological treatment of conventional purified waste water.
  • Biological treatment of waste waters from the agricultural industry.

Here you will find further information about the various sub-categories. Simply click on the area of your interest or contact us in case of individual questions or requirements. We offer detailed, individual advice without any obligation.

Hydrobalance: In harmony with nature to providesustainable positive results.